The Science of Prana

Online via Zoom, May 7-9th 2021

This will be a deep dive into the science of breath and prana in yoga practice. We’ll look at various methods and the impact of working with prana in asana, pranayama and meditation.

The Subtle Science of Practice – Friday 5:30-8:30pm MST
The various tools of yoga (asana, meditation, pranayama, etc.) each carry a specific energetic signature (quality/effect). As we build our sensitivity to yoga practice “as an experience” we notice the outcome of different practices can have dramatically different effects. We’ll discuss some basic models for helping us categorize these tools in order to create practices that inspire profound shifts.
– Krishnamacharya’s 6 categories of poses based on form/function
– General energetic effects of different yogic tools
– The 3 Gunas (attributes) that shape all of experience

Pranayama: The Science of Breath – Saturday 1-4pm MST
The breath is our constant connection to the life sustaining force of prana. It is said that the quickest way to shape our physiology is through the breath. By understanding that both mind and body are constantly informed by the quality of how we breathe, we can skillfully deepen and empower our asana, pranayama and meditation practices.
– How breath extends the reach of asana into the psychological dimension
– The psychology and physiology of inhale/exhale and retention/suspension
– How to build and progress in pranayama practice

Bandha: The Seals of Transformation – Sunday 9am-12pm MST
To utilize the full potential of prana, we must learn to contain it and direct it intentionally. The bandhas, or energetic locks we create in the body, give us the capacity to harness prana in ways that create the deepest levels of purification and transformation.
– What the bandhas are and how to perform them individually and in asana
– How to awaken, enliven, and direct energy through use of bandhas
– Why bandhas are key in kundalini practices and the process of awakening

Attend any or all sessions
Cost: $54/session or $149 for all three.
All classes will be on Zoom

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What is Kula Sangha?: A Kula Sangha Meditation

Online via Zoom, May 11th 2021

Let’s create collective time for quiet stillness.

This will be a free meditation in collaboration with John Vosler, Hansa and Priti Chanda Klco. Donations are gratefully accepted to support administration of these meditations and further community outreach.

Tuesday April 11th 9-9:45am MDT
Register in advance here.
Donations welcome here.

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Yoga Teacher Conference

Online, May 21-23rd 2021

This event is for yoga teachers who want to expand their skills, network with others, and learn how to be more successful in the yoga profession. I will offer a Yoga Nidra Workshop on Sunday, the 23rd, from 1-3pm MST. A wonderful lineup including Hansa, Derik Eselius, and one of my amazing Yoga Nidrā teacdhers, Indu Arora. There is sure to be some potent teachings this weekend.

Details here.


Reiki Training Levels 1 & 2

Online via Zoom, Spring 2021

This will be a collaborative offering with Shannon Connell. Details coming soon…


Sankalpa Collective 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

August 27th – December 19th 2021

A collaboration with Devon Sweeney. We’re very excited to create a depth of content that will support personal transformation through the embodiment of Yoga. More information and registration can be found here.

The Sankalpa Collective
1947 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80210 

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