I have begun weekly online classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. See my Class Schedule for full details. All scheduled, upcoming events beyond May are currently unknown. Stay tuned for more online offerings.

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A Call to Being – A Sacred Sunday Event

Planet Earth, May 31st 2020

This will be a collaboration with John Vosler and Priti Chanda Klco, from the Amrit Institute, and Hansa Knox of Prana Yoga. Our intention will be to explore how we take the practice of yoga into an empowered way of living day to day and during challenging times.

  • Hansa will share subtle energy tools through imploration (rather than exploration), guiding us to implore the expansion of spirit into Nature, inviting you to remember who you really are.
  • The creator of PranaBeing, Priti will unfold the richness of discovering self-in-center, sharing her deep knowledge of yoga as self-applied therapy. With prana as our healing tool, obstacles become portals to awakened self knowledge, where we can free ourselves from suffering.
  • Jeremy offers his soulful mojo to move us toward skillful self-mastery, reweaving a harmonious relationship between mind and energy.
  • John brings the irresistible power of playfulness and loving presence to reignite our enthusiasm for life, in-joy the sacred, and land us firmly in authentic integration of body, mind, heart, and soul.

11am-4pm via Zoom.

Details and registration here.


Yoga Nidra Immersion

June 12-14th 2020

This event will be held online via Zoom. This will be a mini immersion totaling 11hrs hosted by The Hidden Yoga Studio.

Spend a weekend exploring the inner peace and transformative power of yoga nidra. Immerse into this ancient science of deep, meditative relaxation and unlock healing at the deepest level.

We’ll explore:

– The benefits of yoga nidra
– 4 main approaches to yoga nidra
– Sankalpa (intention) to clarify what we truly want in life
– Svadhyaya (self-study) to identify our key limiting beliefs
– The 5 koshas that map the manifestation of our habits and potential
– Design a custom practice that you can record for personal use

Yoga Nidra leads one on a journey back to the deepest dimension of the Self, unlocks access to unlimited potential, helps re-establish the harmony of doing/being, and enables one to rest as the very source of peace.

This weekend will help you address your current life goals and challenges and offer tools for dismantling the many layers of inner conflict that keep you from operating in your fullest capacity while promoting profound healing. Learn how this practice of deep stillness can redefine your relationship to life, and support you in leading the most fulfilled life possible.

*Come prepared to practice some moderate yoga asana

Cost: $165 (Early Bird – $150 before June 3rd)
Registration coming soon…

Yatri Yoga
701 Delaware Avenue, Ste. D
Longmont, CO 80501


Mt. Princeton Retreat

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Colorado, October 22-25th 2020

Escape the hustle of the city for a long weekend in the mountains, with Kind friends, hot springs, yoga, and exquisite food. Dive deep into relaxation with unlimited soaking time in Mt. Princeton’s healing waters. Invigorate your morning with yoga classes taught by Ellen Kaye and end your evenings in bliss with Jeremy Wolf’s signature Yoga Nidra. Indulge your senses with healthy catered Ayurvedic meals and plenty of free time to explore or simply soak and relax. This 4-day, 3-night retreat will engage your body, feed your senses and ultimately revive your spirit!

Details and registration coming soon…

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
15870 Co Rd 162
Nathrop, CO 81236


Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level 1

Longmont Colorado, November 13-15th 2020

Details coming soon…

Yatri Yoga
701 Delaware Avenue, Ste. D
Longmont, CO 80501