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You can read my April newsletter which includes my initial reflections on our current world situation here.

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I’m honored to be one of the first teachers featured on the new Kindness (Yoga) Collective Podcast, hosted by Patrick Harrington, which launched Wednesday November 15th, World Kindness Day.

Listen here.

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“Long overdue” is an understatement, but I’m happy to announce that I finally completed a new, professional yoga nidrā recording. This one is a fusion of practices inspired by my training in the four most prominent lineages of yoga nidrā (Bihar/Swami Satyananda, Integrative Amrit Method/Amrit Desai, iRest/Richard Miller, Himalayan/Swami Rama). I wanted to create a session where I could highlight some of the tools and language from each approach that reflect their potency and uniqueness, interwoven together into one, seamless experience. My intention is not to dilute or compromise any of the methods, but to honor each lineage through presenting an opportunity for practitioners to experience their beauty and efficacy in a “collaborative” and unified form.

To respect and emphasize the ultimate aim of Yoga Nidrā, designed to bring us into deep, inner silence, this recording has no accompanying music. My intention is for the techniques and container of the practice to stand on their own and to be experienced in their pure form. Though each of the four methods has distinct points of emphasis, this recording is meant to present the intersection where these four streams of wisdom meet, in the very heart of Yoga Nidrā itself.

Explore this yoga nidra and two other meditations here.

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The first ever International Yoga Nidra Conference, which took place at the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA in June, is now available for purchase through Yoga International.

This was the first time that master teachers from the 4 lineages of yoga nidra, as well as some newer approaches, were brought together in one setting to share wisdom, practices and insight into this profoundly deep and potent practice.  I was completely honored to be able to participate in this conference and speak on the panel with many of my teachers and friends.  Included in this program is an exclusive yoga nidra that I offered on the last night of the conference along with 9 other nidras from a variety of teachers.

Purchase the program here.

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Here is an interview that was hosted by Carin Lockhart of YoGo ( where I speak to the differences and similarities of the 4 most well-known lineages of yoga nidra.