Spend a weekend exploring the inner peace and transformative power of yoga nidrā. Immerse into this ancient science of deep, meditative relaxation and unlock healing at the deepest level.

We’ll explore:
– The therapeutic and spiritual benefits of yoga nidrā
– Various practices inspired by more than 7 systematic approaches to yoga nidrā
– Sankalpa (intention) to clarify what we truly want in life
– Svadhyaya (self-study) to identify our key limiting beliefs
– The 5 koshas that map the manifestation of our habits and potential
– The three primary states of consciousness and the transcendent realm referred to as “the fourth”

Yoga Nidrā leads one on a journey back to the deepest dimenion of the Self, unlocks access to unlimited potential, helps re-establish the harmony of doing/being, and enables one to rest as the very source of peace.

In a weekend program you will receive help in addressing your current life goals and challenges and explore tools for dismantling the many layers of inner conflict that keep you from operating in your fullest capacity. Learn how this practice of deep stillness can redefine your relationship to life, and support you in leading the most fulfilled life possible.

*Come prepared to practice some moderate yoga asana
*Earn Yoga Alliance CEU’s.

*Please note, this immersion is not intended to train attendees to be teachers of yoga nidrā, but is designed as a personal transformation weekend accessible to all.

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