Downtempo, Ambient, World, Tribal, Trip-hop, Techno, Psytrance


My History as a DJ

A deep passion for music and a desire for the transcendental is a simple way to describe my personal human experience.  My life was completely transformed in 1993 when I fatefully discovered the global movement of trance-ambient music.  I saw this new “world” music as a timeless language that transcended not only musical genres, but also cultures and their broad, geographical boundaries.  Deeply inspired by this discovery, I took up the art of dj-ing in 1994, and, it was, in fact, the deep, spacious, and introspective qualities of ambient music that drew me into the realm of meditation which marked the beginning of my disciplined spiritual quest in yoga.  I realized that the broad spectrum of trance music greatly resonated with the spiritual human experience from the deeply personal and introspective to the collectively ecstatic ancient dance ritual.  Communing with others in the rediscovery of the archaic trance-dance ritual led me to international DJ opportunities in hopes of raising awareness and understanding of what can be collectively achieved through this global language.  Currently based in Denver, Colorado, I am a resident dj for Rhythm Sanctuary, a group devoted to offering weekly ethnic/world music dances in Denver with the intention of holding sacred space for the individual and collective trance-dance experience.  I have performed at events all across the US and internationally in countries including Italy, Greece, India, Panama and South Africa. In the summer of 2008, I was invited to join the Ultimae Records label in France, as a label DJ, and have currently been pursuing music production to create my own diverse range of world-influenced trance and ambient music.  Whether on the mat or behind the mixer, I am dedicated to cultivating an experience that promotes deep self-discovery and spiritual awakening.


My Music

My dj sets are an expression attempting to translate this ancient message to others through the medium of sound by combining intelligent melodies, tribal rhythms, organic textures, and ethnic emotions. In an age where technology blurs the line between the organic and inorganic, I feel this medium is a successful fusion transcending the boundaries between man, machine, and spirit. For me, this music is a conscious exploration of spirituality through technology.


My Lineage

• Unity Tribe (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
• Esoteric Gen (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
• Metameme (Denver, CO)
• OneTribe (Denver, CO)
• Gaian Mind (Philadelphia PA/Denver CO)


Label DJ – Ultimae Records

I am currently a label DJ for Ultimae Records, a downtempo/chillout label, based in Lyon, France. They specialize in intelligent and atmospheric trance and ambient moods for inspired movements and expanded listening.


Label DJ – Ovnimoon Records

I am also a label DJ for Ovnimoon Records, a progressive, psytrance, and neo-goatrance label, based in the USA/Chile. They release refined, high quality styles of trance music from around the world.


DJ Services

I am available for bookings at:

  • festivals
  • yoga classes
  • ecstatic dances
  • private events


Contact me for details and booking requests: