Experience an ancient yogic technique of guided meditation within an immersive sonic atmosphere.

Track Listing
1. Introduction 4:23
2. Short Version 21:50
3. Long Version 45:50

Listen to the demo version which includes a brief introduction and short practice (not on the album):

Demo   Demo   9:46

Yoga Nidrā is a method for releasing old patterns, fears, and self limiting beliefs through deep relaxation. Through a specific sequence of techniques, you are taken to the borderline state between wake and sleep. In this space, you can access the subconscious and unconscious realms while remaining conscious in order to invite transformation and self-discovery at the deepest levels. This ancient and powerful technique provides you with a map to dissolve all that holds you back allowing you to unleash your greatest inner potential.

This CD includes one introduction track with information on how the practice works, a short version of yoga nidrā for when there is limited time for practice, and a long version for when there is ample time for a full immersion. All of the ambient atmospheres created in the background are original music composed and produced by Jacob Newman. For more information on the music and projects of Jacob Newman, please see his page on Bandcamp. This entire album was recorded and produced at the Garden Level Frequencies Studio, 2010.

Cost $15

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CD Album – 2 for the price of 1!

To purchase a copy of this CD online send $15 (includes shipping) through Venmo or Paypal to:

Jeremy-Wolf-23 (Venmo)
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Include your mailing address and the number of copies you would like in the paypal message to me.  (Shipping will increase a little for multiple cds. For international orders send me a personal email request at the above address).

Available at:
Samadhi Yoga Sangha

639 E 19th Ave
Denver, CO 80203
Ahimsa Yoga
1303 E 6th Ave
Denver, CO 80218


Digital Album

For digital orders, send $8 to the same Venmo or Paypal account listed above and I can send you a digital download link (320kbps mp3s in a .zip file)

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