I’m incredibly excited to announce that I now have Yoga Nidrās featured on Gaia’s online platform. We worked together over the summer to build a library of recordings containing sessions of various lengths and applications. The sessions feature tools and inspiration from my study in seven different approaches to yoga nidrā. There will be many more recordings added to the library in the coming months.


Recordings currently available:

* Doorway to Relaxation
* Invite Sleep
* Parasympathetic Response
* Soften the Edges of Anxiety
* Reliable Resilience
* Peaceful Sleep
* Awaken Natural Healing
* Restoring Vitality
* The Edge of Innovation
* Emotional Scars
* Balance Extremes

Please visit their site, consider a subscription (which includes a very extensive list of teachers and resources, audio and video) and share with any family and friends who may benefit.

Listen to my nidrā recordings and subscribe here on Gaia Yoga.