Samadhi Center for Yoga

The video of still shots captured from my Candlelight Flow class at Samadhi Center for Yoga in 2012 was shot, compiled and edited by Tom Martin.  The music is “Om My Shiva” by Alanna Kaivalya, accompanied by me on didgeridoo.


Nuerosculpting Institute – Defining Grace (Interview)

The was an interview with Lisa Wimberger, author and founder of the Nuerosculpting Institute. She led a series of interviews on the topic of “Grace.” I was interviewed to share from my personal yogic perspective on the topic.

Link coming soon…


Your Best Life Today (Interview)

This was an interview with Erik Vinneau of OpenSky Events, founder of International event Yoga Rocks the Park and Friday Night Yoga Club. He was interviewing a number of people to discuss what is most important for someone to live their best life today.


Your Best Life Today – Mindful Living Series (April 2016)

This was a talk/class I gave for Erik Vienneau’s “Your Best Life – Mindful Living” workshop in April of 2016. I discuss yoga nidra in the context of a talk titled “Peace: A State not a Circumstance,” which concludes with a 20min guided yoga nidra.

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Supporting Articles

  • Denver’s 303 Magazine, May 19th, 2011”
  • North Denver News, June 4th, 2010
  • Kindness Yoga Customer Review, March 5th, 2014 – Rating (5 stars) I went to Nidra yoga for the first time last night. Wow! What an out of body experience. I’ve never been in that state of conscious unconsciousness. I enjoyed the mindfulness piece at the beginning of class. Jeremy is an amazing teacher and his voice allows you to really let go. I would take any class with him! Loved the mindfulness piece at the beginning of class.