Reiki is a practice that’s sometimes referred to as the “laying on of hands.”  It is a technique that involves the use of “ki” or “life force energy” (or “prana” as it is known in yoga) for the purpose of healing.  This energy flows through and around all forms naturally.  It is the energy that animates all things.  In a reiki healing this energy current is focused and transmitted from practitioner to recipient through the palms.  It is a non-invasive practice that can be used safely in any realm of healing and works well as a supplement to other methods of treatment.  It is a way of tapping into our innate healing capacity, and anyone can learn it.



Reiki can be used for any ailments.  For chronic or serious conditions, it’s not meant to be a replacement to modern methods of medicine, but works well as reinforcement.  Reiki is commonly and effectively used to relieve stress/anxiety, to improve mental clarity and enhance personal awareness, to promote creativity, to release blockages of energy in the physical, mental, and emotional realms including suppressed feelings, to align and balance the energies of the chakras, and to release unwanted and disserving thought patterns.  It is also used to clear toxins, to treat physical injuries, headaches, upset stomachs, menstrual cramps, asthma and respiratory problems, and sinus infections.  It strengthens the immune system, and is a method of healing that works at harmonizing all levels of one’s being. There is no concern for negative energy to be exchanged during a reiki healing as the practitioner is merely the conduit for the pure stream of reiki to be transmitted.


My Training

I practice reiki in the tradition of the Usui Reiki Ryoho which means that I am trained and practice according to the original principles set up within the tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui, the reiki founder.  I received my level 1 reiki training in 2001, and completed my Master Level training in 2006.  I have since been leading reiki healings, circles, and trainings in the Colorado area.

My lineage:

Mikao Usui
–> Chujiro Hayashi
–> Hawayo Takata
–> Phyllis Lei Furumoto
–> Carell Ann Farmer
–> Leah Smith
–> William Rand
–> Ted and Hilda Deines
–> Daniel Tal
–> Jeremy Wolf


Private Sessions

Healings generally range from 1hr to 1.5hrs as desired. For simple well-being a treatment may typically be administered once a month or as often as once a week. For chronic conditions or specific ailments, once a week is ideal and in some more severe cases even more frequently.


Reiki Training

Everyone is born with the ability to transmit reiki, but going through training is a way that one can refine these innate skills by making the transmission more potent and effective. When one is trained in reiki, at each of the three levels, an attunement is given where the trainee is opened as a vessel to be a more effective channel for reiki energy. Techniques are also given that help one advance in their ability to sense, direct, and heal with reiki.  Training is a commitment one makes to become more effective at hands-on healing with the intention of spreading the benefits of reiki, and aligning their own life with that of the greatest good.

One would seek Level 1 training with the desire to harness their reiki healing abilities and develop their skills as a healer by learning the basic principles of how to effectively channel reiki.  Level 2 training covers more in depth techniques for using reiki and uses the three reiki symbols to empower and direct reiki.  The 3rd or Master Level training is meant for one who is absolutely serious about dedicating their life to the use and sharing of reiki.  The final symbols are learned to strengthen one’s abilities and one is also taught how to attune and train others in the practices of reiki.



Level 1 Training – $295
Level 2 Training – $325
Level 3 Master Training – $575